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Grindin Services


Williams & White operates the largest grinding facility in Western Canada. Our high capacity surface grinding center has been offering grinding services by its large versatile machinery including Lumsden Rotary Surface Grinder, Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinder, Mattison Reciprocating Surface Grinder, Chevalier Micron Surface Grinder, and WMW Universal Cylindrical Grinder. High precision finished parts manufactured by the most reliable team, measured by the latest quality control equipment is our everyday job.

Certificates: CWB, CGB


  • Lumsden Rotary Surface Grinder – 84” Dia. x 18” Ht.

  • Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinder – 60” Dia. x 22” Ht.

  • Mattison Reciprocating Surface Grinder - 120" x 24" W x 24" Ht.

  • Chevalier Micron Surface Grinder - 48" x 14" W x 12" Ht.

  • WMW Universal Cylindrical Grinder – 12” Dia x 36” (plus internal)

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