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November 20, 2020


To Whom it may concern:


Re: Updated Global Covid-19 Pandemic Mitigation Measures (November 20, 2020)


In reaction to the ongoing Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) worldwide pandemic, Williams and White has enacted a number of strategies to help stop the spread of the virus throughout the company and the community at large. 



Williams and White has implemented the following measures as of November 20, 2020

  • All personnel have been instructed to refrain from coming to work if they are sick.  This includes any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, weakness, or respiratory distress. 


  • All personnel that can work at home are to do so. Remote personnel are to speak with the Williams and White management team if they need to come onto the Williams and White site


  • Visitors are not permitted on site without prior written consent of Williams and White Management. Signs have been posted at all entrance points


  • Personnel have been instructed to maintain at least a 2m distance from any other person while on site


  • The use of masks is mandatory at all times by all personnel while on site at Williams and White. This is especially important when the 2m physical distance is difficult to maintain. Exceptions are specific to machinery workstations where more than 2 meter social distancing is possible and safety googles or masks are required (like machining or welding). The required PPE required to complete work tasks is still required at all times.


  • All personnel have been asked to wash hands frequently.  These directives suggest washing hands at the follow times throughout the day: when personnel arrive to work, before and after using the washroom, before and after using any shared tool, before and after eating during breaks, and before leaving work


  • Signs instructing proper hand washing techniques have been posted at all washing stations

  • Signs asking personnel to avoid touching their face have been posted


  • Shipping and receiving is to be completed at the entrance of Building 2. Truckers are not permitted to enter the building to drop off goods


  • Staff are to minimize the use of shared tools and wipe down with disinfectant before and after use for shared tools that must be used


  • Office staff are to wipe down work stations at the beginning of each day (this activity is logged)


  • Cleaning Services have been increased in order to maintain a clean work environment


  • Before any staff travel is to occur, current national travel advice shall be sought and adhered to.


  • All employees must login daily and answer a COVID questionnaire


  • Any person visiting Williams and White must fill out a COVID questionnaire before visiting the site.




These measures have been put in place to ensure Williams and White can continue to operate during this difficult time. Williams and White is following all local, regional, and National best practices to the best of its ability.





Matt Williams

President/COO  |  Williams & White Machine Inc.

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