Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Our History




Williams & White Manufacturing was expanded as an individual business within the Williams & White Group of Companies.


Williams & White further diversified its machining capabilities by adding a 5-axis CNC horizontal boring mill with over 8 feet of vertical travel.


A quality control department was added to the organization, including full-time inspectors and ERP software to increase operating efficiency and quality control.


Williams & White added more CNC machining centres to accommodate demand.

1996The first CNC machining center was added to the production floor, resulting in greater machining flexibility and production capabilities.
1995Williams & White further expanded its facility to accommodate increased production requirements.
1990Williams & White manufactured motor components used in linear induction motors for autonomous mass transit vehicles.

Williams & White designed and manufactured the first self propelled rail grinders used for the Vancouver mass transit system.

Rapid growth forced Williams & White to relocate to a larger facility at its current location in Burnaby, British Columbia.
1984Williams & White was contracted to manufacture housing used for the Hawaii space observation projects.
1980Williams & White produced oil field pump jack components for OEM manufacturers in the oil & gas industry, which were used throughout North America.
1979Further additions to the production floor made Williams & White the largest grinding facility in Western Canada.
1975Williams & White expanded its machining capabilities by adding two large scale floor mills to the production facility.
1967Williams and White’s main focus was manufacturing bridge and construction components.
1963Chris and Margaret Williams acquire complete ownership of the company and began to grow the organization into a major manufacturer in Vancouver.
1959The Claxton brothers sold their shares to Len White, and the Williams & White brand was born.
1957Christopher Williams, along with Len and Jack Claxton founded Claxton & Williams, a machine shop serving the local Vancouver industry.