Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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  • Lion's Gate Bridge

    Mechanical infrastructure components

  • Machining

    Inside the turning department at Williams & White.

  • New Portmann Bridge

    Top quality components for the new Port Mann bridge were manufactured by Williams & White.

  • Facilities

    Williams & White's facility is equipped with the most advanced and heavy-duty machinery available.

Williams & White Manufacturing

Since 1957, Williams & White has proudly served the aerospace, oil & gas, mining, forestry, construction and marine industries with excellent manufacturing and a wide range of machining capabilities. To this day, Williams & White operates the largest grinding facility in Western Canada, and its work can be found in some of the area’s most well known projects, including; the Port Mann Bridge, the Lions Gate Bridge and the BC Place Roof. Williams & White offers world class manufacturing for projects and components of all scopes and sizes. 

If excellent customer service, competitive pricing and accurate tolerances are important to you, Williams & White Manufacturing is here to help!

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